Ultima Online

Ultima Online

This is your type of game if you like skill styled games. You basically get to choose your skills and these skills rack up with other skills to give each other bonuses. So you could be a fighter with fighting skills and know some magic, or you could be a craftsmen or woman and know magic, thus you can make magical items for character so they can buy from you. This game also plays like the sims does kind of, you can build your own house anyway you like it depending on what foundation you bought, and then turn it into what ever you want. You can run a vendor shop through it racking up money daily as long as you keep it full of your own goods, or turn it into a guild hall and have guild meetings there all the time and slay monsters and come back and have a drink in the game and rest. Anything can be down with this game, even pvp and stealing from other characters. There is no limit or boundary to this game you play your character anyway you want.


Once you have purchased a package, please follow up by sending an Email to admin@dantesinfernogaming.com with the following information included.

  1. The game and expansions you are running along with the package you ordered.
  2. Login information for account you are having power leveled.
  3. Server on which the character is located, or on which you wish it to be located.
  4. Information on what type of character you wish to have made.
  5. And finally Your name and a contact phone number to reach you if a problem occurs.(optional)


During the time that we are working your account you will not have access to your character. Any attempt to log into your account will boot us off, and nullifie any service agreement made by us.


This is more for our records and the safety of your account then anything else. In the event that we cannot complete your account, we do have a full refund policy, however we are not responsible for the time delays created by server maintenance or downed servers. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to Email us at the above stated address. We will answer all question as soon as we can. Thank you.

Package 1

What's included:

Price: $150.00 USD

Time to complete: 50 Days

More to come...


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