Bounty Hunter System
This is the way it works. Pretty simple actually. Just fill out an email with your information, to the adress, just copy it into the "To" box of the email, being sure to include the item name, description, and which server and game you are requesting it for. Now the ground rules. We advertise that we can find almost any item for you, with the exception of the super rare ones that only have one of each of them on each server. While we pride ourselves on this ability, the time frame for finding it is never the same, so any time that we offer is strictly a ballpark figure, and it may take more time, or less time, depending the dificulty of finding it, and its rarity. Once we get the email that you send to us, we will send you an estimate on the price, and you decide wether you want to take it or not. Filling out the email requires no personal information, and you are not buying anything by doing so. Most of the time we get back to everyone within 2 business days. If we have not responded please feel free to send us a message. All of our contact info can be found on the Contact page of this website. Thank you.